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Branch Practices use a separate server with the same database. Data is exchanged between the servers either in background via broadband or when physically connected (as in the case of a mobile laptop surgery)

Having multiple copies of the practice data is a security advantage and there is a performance advantage by not relying on the speed and availability of broadband.

This is all made possibe by SQL Server

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The Shire Dental System is written using the Microsoft .net Framework. .NET Framework is Microsoft's platform for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes



The data in the Shire Dental System is managed by Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Server is regarded as the worlds leading database. Designed for full scalability up to hundreds of users. It offers speed, reliability, security and supportability. It is not to be confused with entry level databases such as Access which is intended as a desktop database; SQL Server is a true client/server database with a wealth of features. It offers the ultimate in flexible reporting using SQL with built in integration to Excel and Word.

The Shire Dental System is designed to be fully capable of multi server replication ideal for branches.

We use the Express Edition on Smaller systems and the Workgroup edition on larger systems or systems that require branch surgeries

Windows-Server-2008 windows-7

We use
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 on systems with 6+ workstations

The Windows Server 2008 family is regarded as the most reliable platform available. It is designed specifically for business network use and is fully scaleable from 5 to 50 users

We use
Microsoft Windows Eight systems with up to 6 workstations

Windows 7 offers better compatibility, better speed, better stability and increased security for business users.


We use AVG Business as the Antivirus System.