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Shire Dental Software | E- Signatures

  • Electronic Signatures are saved in PDF format for Patient Records, Medical Histories, Estimates and Consent Forms
  • An additional Monitor can be added to workstation to show the patient the form they are signing
  • Alternatively a wireless tablet iPAD or similar can be used to show the patient the form they are signing
  • Fully compliant with NHS recommendations for Electronic Signatures
  • With the NHS stopping Paper FP17 in April 2015 they are introducing a Web Portal so that instead of posting the FP17 you will have to type them into a web page!
  • You will have to type the Patient details including address every time you submit a form.
  • With Our  EDI System, the patient details are retained so that they are there for the next claim. The patient details are easily entered as we have a Post Code Database. An audit trail of claims is retained and UDA information given at the time of the claim.
  • The Patient database created can be used as an appointment and recall system including SMS
  • By adding the Signature Pad, you can remove the paper FP17 forms completely and save on all that storage space. The Patient signs the FP!7PR form and could also be used for saving medical histories, estimates and consent forms.
  • The software can be also used for patient billing and charges just by having a further training session.
  • You could then even use it for surgery charting, digital x-rays etc. just by adding the additional workstations.