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Shire Dental System | Data Conversions

Where Possible, we will transfer your Patient records, recall dates, Appointment Book and Treatment Journals from your existing system - Free of Charge.

For Practices with an NHS contract, we will transfer the patient list from the NHS to the Shire Dental System - Free of Charge

Most companies do not deliberately make it difficult to convert from their systems

However, Systems for Dentist deliberately encrypt Your Data and refuse to un-encrypt should a customer wish to move to another supplier. They say that they will provide a “Read Only” version so that the practice can look up past records. It means that as well as the new computer system, the practice has to keep the Systems for Dentist Computer in order to comply with the legislation.

I personally can’t understand why they are so keen to hold on to an unhappy customer and act in a manner so as to make them even more disgruntled.

If I was considering purchasing a Practice Management system for my Dental Practice. I would think very hard before choosing a system that I had to stay with no matter what. Non of the other suppliers including ourselves prohibit data conversion by a reasonably competent person. Please contact them and check for yourself and ask for their policy in writing.

Should the practice want us to encrypt their data for security reasons, then we can readily do this using the SQL Server database encryption tools.


We have successfully captured data from the following companies.

Kodak - Arthur

Carestream R4, Practiceworks

SOE - Exact & Advance

Status Point

Dental Desktop

Several Add-Hoc databases

and others