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Shire Dental System | Practice Dashboard

The Practice Dashboard gives an overview of the Practice Financial and Operational Details

Dashboard - Payments

The above graph shows at a glance the money taken over the last two years.
The graph can be filtered per provider, type of work & type of payment

Dashboard - Recalls

The above graph shows the number of recalls overdue for the last 12 months and pending for the next 12 months

Dashboard - Appointments per Month

The above graph shows the number of hours booked for 12 months before and from today
This can also be shown as a percentage of available time (Utilisation) and filtered by provider and surgery.

Dashboard - Visits by Postal Sector

The above graph shows number of patients attending from different Postal Sectors. This identifies any changes in a particular area.

Other Dashboard graphs include:

  • Debtors owing per week/month
  • Appointment FTA/Cancellations per month
  • New Patient Registrations per month over last 24 months including referal source.
  • Average Age of Active Patients per month.
  • Catagory of work performed per month over last 24 months
  • Average earnings per patient seen over last 12 months
  • UDA Analysis and Forcast