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The Managing Director of Shire Design Systems Ltd, the owners of the “Shire Dental System”  is John Broadhurst. In 1987 he was involved in the development of the original “Shire Dental System” . This “Green Screen” system was very advanced for the day and was the first system certified for EDI transmissions. He was a shareholder of the original company but not in overall control.

in 1991 He left Shire Medical and formed a new company as major shareholder and managing director. The company was involved in the development of the market leading Veterinary System. The system were extremely popular with nearly 1,000 systems installed.

in 1995 the company acquired the “Shire Dental System” from the original owners and supported all the existing customers. It was always intended to develop a Windows replacement version, however the outstanding success of the Veterinary System lead to delays in starting the project.

In 2007 a developer was assigned to develop the new Windows Dental System. The specification of the Dental System was based on all the latest technologies including Microsoft .net Framework, SQL Server Database and SQL Replication. We still had many Dental Practices using the original “Green Screen” Shire Dental System and most of these were upgraded to the new Windows System. (The fact that we still had these has customers after 20 years is a indication of how advanced the original product was and that we had provided good support).

In July 2010 the company was acquired by a very large Multi-national Company that were expanding their presence in the UK Veterinary Market. That company were already a major market leader in the UK, Europe and World Dental Markets. Our company was not for sale at that time as we enjoyed what we did and also made a comfortable living. They did however, make an offer which was difficult to refuse. As part of the agreement, the Dental System was not sold and key members of staff transferred to the new dental company.

In July 2010 Shire Design Systems Ltd was formed by John Broadhurst and other members of the former Veterinary Company board. The Dental System was acquired from the Veterinary  company. Money (proceeds of the Veterinary Sale) has been invested by the shareholders and further staff have been recruited. We still have members of staff that had been involved for over 20 years in our dental system and bring with them a wealth of experience.

The “Shire Dental System” from Shire Design Systems Ltd is a very advanced yet extremely easy to use system. The shareholders have invested in the system and are very enthusiastic because they believe that it is a fantastic system with great prospects. We have had an insight into how large multi-national companies conduct their sales and marketing and its not for us!.  We prefer the personal approach rather than the high pressure sales in order to meet corporate multi-tier targets.